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July 6, 2012

poor Spidey~ no one invite him to The Avengers~ XP


damn!! last time my Macbook now my bike's makes problem~ (-_-')

poor Spidey (Image source: Google)

just watched The Amazing Spider-Man yesterday~
yeah~ its quite 'amazing'~ but sadly~ no sign of him joining The Avengers~
coz now Spidey is now own by Sony not Marvel(if im not mistaken)~
but why dont they collaborate? Nick, pretty please bring in Spidey & Wolverine(in you dream son)
but here some of cool interview with the Avengers casts i found on the net~
Q: If you could draft one new member to the Avengers, who would it be?
Hemsworth: (Jean-Claude) Van Damme from Bloodsport. A big kick to the alien head.
Evans: I’m thinking Salma Hayek.
Hemsworth: Why’s that, Chris?
Evans: She can carry my shield.
Hemsworth: You might have to carry hers.
Ruffalo: I think Wolverine would be cool.
Hemsworth: I know different studios own all the stuff, but wouldn’t it be cool to have Spider-Man andWolverine come in? Split the takings.
Evans: That would be awesome.
want to more of the interview? check it out at NerdReactor

p/s: rumors says a new Wolverine movie coming out~ (for real??)


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