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June 27, 2012

don't just burst out with anger, everything happens with a reason~


arini nak balik kampung~ babai peeps~ (>.<)

Macbook White (image source: Google)

After 5+ long years~ 
finally today my Macbook finally has it 1st glitch
ok everyone hate problem because its frustating
but i think my book has last quite a long time before the glitch
so, eventhough my book need to send for repair
but i give Apple a big hand because of the quality of their product
the book is my oldest Apple product and it has serve me superbly through the years
just gonna miss it in this few days~ 

p/s: back to my small netbook for a while


June 24, 2012

when the Avengers have Facebook~ guess what happen?


esok kerja~ waaa malasnye~ (o_O)

the Avengers Facebook timeline (images source: Google)

ya its boring and i cant sleep
so just some random update

p/s: its almost July already??


June 23, 2012

two semi-finalers already decided! who's the other two?


lagi 2 citer pasal bola sepak~ 
selagi tak abis EURO 12 ni~
mmg citer bola je la~ (@_@)

funny ESP vs ITA pics (image source: Google)

yesterday Germany rules!!
Go Go Germany!!!

p/s: cant wait to see tonight's match


June 20, 2012

fanatik sangat sampai belasah org sbb tukar channel!


demam EURO masuk ke perigkat suku~ (@_@)
ayam pon main bola(image source: Google)

baca paper semalam seorang lelaki dibelasah
sbbnye die tukar channel mase org tgok bola
fanatik sungguh yg amat org membelasah tu
bagi encik: due2 pon 2x5~ same-same bodo
yg kena belasah tu pg tukar channel watpe?
memang saje cari pasal la kan? free2 je kan
yg membelasah tu pon same la~ sengal gak
cakap elok2 dah lah~ x pasal2 masuk lokap
akhir kate dari encik: padan muke korang~

p/s: Go Germany! 


June 18, 2012

if u dont let my daughter go~ i will find u and i will kill u~


happy fathers day especially to my father also my hero
and also to all dads in the world~ u guys rocks!!! (^_^)

Taken ~ Liam Neeson (Image source : Google)

Taken is one of my 'all-time-favourite' movie
Bryan mills is like the super coolest dad ever
plus~ Taken 2 is to be show this year~ damn!
how cool is that? hooray for all kick-ass-dad!

p/s: its never too late to say thanx to your dad~ XD


June 17, 2012

Its Ultra Sleek Its Ultra Responsive Its Ultrabook~


baru balik dari outstation seminggu~ penat gile~ (-_-')
gambar kat Cosmopoint Sungai Petani 

Intel be Amazing Roadshow 
promot sikit produk baru dari Intel: Ultrabook 

Google untuk tahu lebih lanjut~ XP 

p/s: room sweet room~


June 13, 2012

arini belasah laksa penang kaw2~ esok nasi kandar lak~


malam 1st dkat Buterworth Penang~
sampai dari Kampar dlm pukul 9 td~

Laksa Penang (image source from Google)

esok pagi2 dah kena bertolak ke Bayan Lepas~
jangan lah encik terlambat bangun pulak esok~

p/s: encik memang suke gile klw keje outstation~


June 10, 2012

Jadual Perlawanan EURO 2012~ save cepat wat wallpaper~


jom pg tengok bola!! (' o ')

Jadual perlawanan EURO 2012 (sumber gambar dari Google)

match malam encik sokong Germany!! korang??

p/s: kalah la protugal~ puh puh~


June 7, 2012

this is life~ just go with it if you don't want to change it~


rase nak berubah~ tapi susah~ (=_=)

menara kucing~ comel x? (image source: Google)

Work is like climbing up a tower~

very few men use the elevator~ so their can reach faster but~
sometime the door jammed or the cable snaps & they die there~

some men use the escalator~ because they hate the elevator but~
sometime their shoelace stuck between the steps & they die there~
and most men take the staircases~ because they are stupid and~
some of them give up half way & jump down & die with pain but~
most of them reach the top even though it take ages but then they ask~

what next??

which one are you now? which one you want to be?
i tell you which~ be the one who i fail to mention above~

be the one who own the tower~

p/s: think before you do something with your life~


June 6, 2012

girls = feminine = Oh ~ guys = masculine = Kay ~


busy month~ work everyday~ (-_-')

mib3 (image source: Google)

Its a damn good film~
not much of action but
very-very emotional~
in short: Love it~

p/s: next on the watch list: Snow White & Huntsman


June 2, 2012

minggu ni encik keje dari isnin sampai sabtu~ damn!


penat gile babeng badan nih~ (-_-')

Robert Kiyosaki (image source: Google

Just finish working at NAC 2012
got a chance to see mr Robert =)
maybe you guys don't know him
google it so you'll see who is him

p/s: but dont have chance to get his autograph~ pity me~


goodbye may~ thanx for everything~ and hello june~


tido dari lepas isyak tadi~ 
suddenly dapat call pukul 11~
sampai skrg dah x leh tido balik~

random pics of girls(image source: Google)

its june already??
damn~ how fast time flies~
next month is Ramadhan already??

p/s: korang dah tempah baju raya?

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