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November 14, 2012

my friend said: blood + sweat + tears = satisfaction!!


happy Deepavali to all my friends~ (n_n)

Camping (Image source: Google)

last weekend me and 3 of my friends went for camping
at first its a very fun trip, we hike to our campsite at nite
we laugh all the way & have a simple but delicious meal
d next day we resume our hiking, leaving our tent & stuff
n things start to turn bad, to sum it up, heres what happen

- we hike & hike but it seems like no summit at all
- we decided to turn back n start our way back
- a heavy rain suddenly pouring down & we cant see the track
- we lost in the middle of jungle with no clue where we are
- we found a small waterway n decided to follow the stream
- we follow the small waterway until it become a big river
- the road is hard, especially when theres a waterfall
- our stomach grumble, the last meal we had was early in morning
- the sky is getting darker & it still pouring down
- we decided to stop walking & rest for the night
- the thing we had that time in our 2 bags is just:
a parang, a headlamp, 2 kain pelikat, 4 bottles, 2 handphone(no reception), 
- the only food we had was a pack of peanuts(120g)
- so somehow we survive the night with: 
tent made from the pelikats & sring from my bag
the peanuts & river water
- early in morning we continue our way home
- i fall down a cliff, we got separated for a while
- got back together, still following the river stream
- until we found a pack of strawberry milk sitting on a rock
- 'there must be people near here!!' we shout
- then we found a big pipeline n follow it until a dam
- and not far from there is our campsite!!
- we bathe, eat, pack everything up and get the hell out of there!!

so we lost for almost 20 hours, have no heavy meal for more than 24 hours,
missed our work last monday, scratches all over body but still we love it!

the best part is during the time we lost, still talking about 'when is our next trip?' LOL

p/s: to all my family, my friends & my boss, sorry for worrying you guys!!


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