i will folo u~

June 7, 2012

this is life~ just go with it if you don't want to change it~


rase nak berubah~ tapi susah~ (=_=)

menara kucing~ comel x? (image source: Google)

Work is like climbing up a tower~

very few men use the elevator~ so their can reach faster but~
sometime the door jammed or the cable snaps & they die there~

some men use the escalator~ because they hate the elevator but~
sometime their shoelace stuck between the steps & they die there~
and most men take the staircases~ because they are stupid and~
some of them give up half way & jump down & die with pain but~
most of them reach the top even though it take ages but then they ask~

what next??

which one are you now? which one you want to be?
i tell you which~ be the one who i fail to mention above~

be the one who own the tower~

p/s: think before you do something with your life~


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