i will folo u~

May 28, 2010

mmg best dpt on9, tp klw xbleh download muvie bek xpayah


bile bosan x taw nak watpe,
kite online la kan?... (n_n)>

Come features-to-face with the new HP Mini 5102, a lightweight mini executive that’s packed with the latest multi-touch touchscreen and touchpad technology for the easiest and most intuitive navigation experience ever!
click here for more info!!

p/s: iklan jap utk netbook touchscreen HP yg baru
pp/s: netbook baru ni ade kaler pepel x??


3 komen anda:

Fær.han/Unown F/Gyan said...

Tak dpt dload? Ko gna blok nyer ntework ker?

et said...

mcm maroon je.huhu.

tak pernah dunlod muvi penuh2.tak pernah berjaye.sadis.

encik BANGLA said...

bngang dgn uspot upm ni...xleh download anime dr veoh...cess!!

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