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September 16, 2008

TAG..(da lame x tag...amek dr lado)

01. Were you smiling when you woke up this morning?
> i will smile if theres a gurl lying bside me sayin "u r great"...lol

02. When was the last time you met someone new?
>few hours ago...gurl of coz...

03. When did you last eat pizza?
>more than a year i think...is it??
04. Do you drink beer?
>yes!!of coz not,idiot!!

05. Do you wash your own clothes?
>no la...act,d washin mchine did all...

06. Are you any good at poker?
>yup...im the one theyre callin 'the god of poker'...lol

07. What do you want more than anything?
>i wan nothin mo than anythin...
08. Are you tired?
>yup...juz finish playin pingpong...
09. Besides your bed, what is your favorite thing in your room?
>my pillow n my blanket...lol
10. Pepsi or Coke?
>neither pepsi nor coke...don like cola...

11. Would you ever take someone back if they cheated on you?
>depend on their sex la...if gurl,of coz no la...
12. Do you enjoy tattoos?
>what the f*ck is tattoos???

14. Are you restless?

15. Is your computer desktop or a laptop?
>desktop...bcoz i neva satisfied wif my hard disk...n i don like xtrnal!!!
16. How many Friendster views do you have?
>if u view my frenster now...ur d only views i hav...lol
17. Want to be a prince/princess?
>no...juz wan to b a concubine...lol
18. Do you believe dreams come true?
>yup...bcoz my dreams juz came true...

19. Last song you heard?
>if heaven n hell neva exist...by Chrisye
20. Do you like Batman?
>not realy la...bcoz i like joker better...

21. Who is in the room with you?
>of coz la skembu...who else...
22. What are you wearing on your foot?
>nothin rite now...im in a room la!!!

23. What was the last thing you ate?
>chiken rice from my database demo...
24. What were you doing before this?
>told ya,havnt i??its ping pong!!!
25. What is the closest item near you that is blue?
>the ie shotcut icon on my taskbar...lol

26. In your opinion what is the weirdest thing listed on goofysicons.com?

27. What instant messaging service do you use?
>short message service...lol

28. What is your favorite websites?
>i cant type it here la...its 18sx...lol
29. Whose house were you at last night?
>my room la...

30. What do you wear more, jeans or sweatpants?
>jeans of coz...stupid question...
31. What is the last movie you watched?
>new world the movie...wif caram n piko...
32. What do you currently hear right now?
>haiya,im typing this tag in my new post la of coz!!!

33. When did you last buy a new pair of pants??
>neva buy by myself...lol
34. Where's your favorite place to be?
>my gurl's room...if i hav any...lol
34. Have you ever heard of the band Our Lady Peace?
>nope...are they even exist??

35. Where do you sleep?
36. Where do you shop the most?
37. Where did you get the shirt you're wearing?
>bhep upm....

38. Coach Purse or NFL game tickets?
>both of coz...
39.Where was your default pic taken?
>kecik's lappy...i think la...
40. Why did you pick your background?
>neva pick d background...they pick me...
41. Are you happy with where you are?
>sumtymes yes...

42. Do you believe love at first sight exists?
>hmmmmm....wat bout luv at d 1st smell?? lol
43. Do you believe in celebrating anniversaries?
>i neva think dat theres even a person dat dont celebrte it...
44. Do you believe that you can change someone?
>yup...always do dat...
45. What are you going to do after you do this survey?
>publish this post in my blog la...haiya,tu pon maw tnya ka???stupid!!!

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